2017 Gallery

Glyn Ceiriog 'Social' Ride - 22nd Jan

Unexpected snow, given the surrounding weather and the forecast, made this a spectacular ride around the Ceiriog Valley. It's a stunning area with some great trails, which was made even more fun by the white stuff.

On this ride we followed my Gyrn Moelfre - Medium route

Hayfield 'Social' Ride - 12th Feb

This Social ride around Hayfield was definitely one of the most wintery I have ever done. Despite the lack of feeling in our fingers and toes we all still managed to have a very enjoyable ride. There are only pictures of the first half because after that I wasn't taking my hand out of my glove again!

On this ride we followed my Rowarth Route.

Rivington Pike 'Social' Ride - 12th Mar

It was great riding around my Rivington Pike route with Kath and Mike but a shame family and work got in the way of the six other riders who were due to come. This it meant I could have a good chat with Kath and Mike though, rather than my usual rushing back and forward with a bigger group. The route was made even better, as this was the first time I got to ride the Healey Nab MTB trails.

On this ride we followed my Rivington Pike route.

Hebden Bridge 'Social' Ride - 23rd Apr

I had a great ride around Hebden Bridge with Laurence and Paul. It was sunny, dry and not too hot. I even got to finally ride a part of the Pennine Bridleway that I had been planning to ride on this route for some time. With only two, quite quick, people on this ride I was tired by the end, as taking photos and leading the way meant doing 22 miles of interval training!

On this ride we followed my Hebden Bridge - Heptonstall Moor route.

Clwydian Range 'Social' Ride - 14th May

It was a beautiful day in North Wales with blue skies and dry trails. A little bit of rain the day before had damped down the dust so riding conditions were perfect. On days like this guiding doesn't feel like work. It was just a great day riding in the hills with a lovely bunch of people.

On this ride we followed my Cilcain Circuit route.