2018 Gallery

Ceiriog Valley Social Ride – 14 Jan ’18

It was a cold day in North Wales for the first ride of the year but the turn out was fantastic. I guided the ride around my Pheasant Track route in the Ceiriog Valley, with a minor alteration to miss the muddiest bit. Although the big group made my job a bit harder the pleasant, fun atmosphere made it very enjoyable too. Thank you so much to everyone who came along!

Route Guide: The Pheasant Track


Macc Forest Social Ride – 11 Feb ’18

A chilly but fun ride around the Macc Forest classic route to the Cat and Fiddle and back. There was lots of snow, quite a bit of wind on top and a good few slushy puddles to get our feet cold. I was even shifting gears with my palm near the end. But it was all good fun (especially watching the people who couldn't drive in snow try and tackle the Congleton and Cat and Fiddle roads!) and we got to enjoy defrosting by the fire in the Leathers Smithy at the end.

Route Guide: Macc Forest Classic