Grizedale - Parkamoor

Lake District Mountain Bike Route Guide


Grizedale, Southern Lake District

(Requires advanced skills and fittness)

17.1 miles

OS Landranger 96

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Grizedale – Parkamoor

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Grizedale - Parkamoor Route

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This route is 17.1 miles of great rocky riding starting from the Grizedale Vistors Centre. It begins on the man made mountain bike trails of The North Face Trail, before heading along the fells above Coniston Water for the fantastic Parkamoor descent into High Nibthwaite. Although this descent is the highlight the ones that follow don't disappoint and there's a real rock fest to finish.

1. Start at the Grizedale Visitor Centre car park (GR336942). Climb out of the car park towards the buildings. At the top of the car park follow the path parallel to the lane on the left. At the end of the path turn left to a junction on the lane. Go straight across the junction and follow the lane by the side of the building on the right. When the road kicks up and bears right follow the The North Face Trail left through a gate to climb a wide hardpack track into the forest (GR333942).

2. Bear right and climb the wide track over a crest to the next junction. Turn right then a short distance later turn left to start the 'Elephants Paradise' singletrack climb. At the end of 'Elephants Paradise' follow the North Face trail left along a wide forest track then straight across a crossroad junction to the next section of singletrack, 'The Great Escape', on the left. At the end of this singletrack rejoin the forest track and go straight on to the crossroads (GR323935). Turn right and climb the wide forest track, still on The North Face Trail. Go through an ‘S’ bend and past a junction with a track on the left. Continue straight on at the next junction, with another track on the left. Follow the next flat section of track to a signposted junction, where the wide forest track bears right (GR318943).

3. Turn left up the bridleway signposted for Parkamoor and climb the singletrack into the trees. This track winds through the trees and eventually gives some great views across Coniston Water and towards the Old Man of Coniston. Just after leaving the trees go through a gate that leads to a short steep climb. After the climb continue along the rocky track across the top of the fell then descend to the next gate. After the gate the track becomes grassy and descends to the farm buildings of Low Parkamoor. At the buildings go through the gate then straight on down the rocky track to the gate and the stream at the bottom. Go through the gate then climb the short, steep, rocky track to the junction at the top (GR307925).

4. Go straight on along the double track as it undulates across the side of the fell. After a while the track points down hill for the fantastic, rocky Parkamoor descent. It's very technical in places with drops, loose boulders, tight corners, water and the opportunity for quite a bit of speed. The descent ends at a gate in High Nibthwaite (GR294897).

5. After the gate go straight on to a junction with a lane. Turn left and follow the lane along the bottom of the valley. Go past a lane on the right then at the following junction, at Nibthwaite Grange, turn left (GR296881). Climb the steep lane though a number of bends to a junction with a forest track on the left, at the top. Continue along the lane to a junction at the end of the tarmac a little further on (GR305888).

6. Go straight on through the gate and along the double track, keeping the trees on the left, to a gate a little further on. After the gate bear right and follow the signposted bridleway. There are usually some long, deep puddles on this section of track. After a short descent climb through a gate and continue straight up the rocky double track, past the grassy bridleway signed off to the right. At the top of this short climb the track flattens off for a while before it heads down hill for another fun, rocky descent that ends at a gated junction with a lane (GR323894).

7. Turn right and follow the lane through a left hand bend to descend through the trees and a number of bends to a junction at the bottom (GR331893). Turn left, then a short distance later turn right at the next junction. A short distance after that go straight on at the next junction. Follow the lane over a river to the next junction (GR336896). Take the lane on the left and go up a short climb to the church at the crest. Continue along the lane and descend to the following junction (GR340897).

8. At the four-way junction turn left up the rocky track. Go through the gate and climb the rocky double track along the line of the wall on the left. Follow this track over the crest and descend to a junction. Bear left on the wide track then almost immediately afterwards turn left down the singletrack descent signposted as a bridleway. Go down this short but increasingly tricky and tight section of singletrack to a junction with a lane at the bottom, in Force Mills (GR339909).

9. Turn right and climb past the waterfall on the left. Go past a track on the right to a junction where the lane turns left (GR341911). Go straight on at this junction then past a car park and picnic area in the trees on the left, before descending to the next junction (GR345913). At this junction turn left on the wide forest track into the trees. Climb through a tight left then right hand bend, ignoring any of the tracks off to the side. Continue climbing up the wide track to the four-way junction at the top (GR344918). Go straight ahead on the singletrack leading into the trees. This reaches the top of the climb a short distance later before going over a rocky drop that marks the start of a loose and rocky descent to a junction at the bottom in Satterthwaite (GR340921).

10. Go straight on around the left hand side of the house, and follow the lane straight on into the village. Bear left at the church then turn right at the junction. A short distance later, where the main road bears left take the thin lane on the right to go straight on between the houses. A short distance later at the next junction (GR338924) turn right and climb the steep lane past a private drive on the left. The lane then bears left and climbs to a junction at a house at the edge of the forest (GR339926). Take the first track on the right for a steep, rocky climb into the trees. About 1/4 of the way up bear right to cross a stream then follow the track left around a big section of exposed bed rock for a straight, loose and rocky climb to a junction at the top (GR345929).

11. Go straight across the junction and head along the singletrack that undulates along the line of the hill and bears left. The track soon heads downhill for another fantastic descent. The trail drops over some rocks and comes to a junction with a forest track (GR349932). Go straight across this junction and down some more rocks to head into the trees. What follows is a great section of rocky and rooty woodland singletrack before some tight, loose and rocky corners that lead to the junction with the lane at the bottom (GR354937).

12. Turn left on the lane and climb past a bridleway signposted off to the right. At the junction at the crest of the climb take the dirt track off to the left (GR355941). Go straight on to the singletrack climb a short distance later. The track immediately bears right for a tricky rock section that leads to a tall gate soon after. Go through the gate and continue up the difficult climb. After the next gate continue up the singletrack climb. The track eventually finishes at a junction with a wide forest track (GR351941).

13. Turn right on the forest track then at the next junction turn right again. A short distance later, at the end of the wide track, continue straight on along the undulating and winding singletrack that leads back into the trees. After a little rocky climb into the trees negotiate a short boggy section. The trail then bears left before finishing with a short, sharp and loose climb to a junction (GR346951).

14. Turn right on the wide forest track and descend to the next junction at the big fox. Turn left follow the track to the next junction a short distance later (GR343950). Turn right and cross the stream then bear left. Stay on the wide forest track and bear right to the next junction with a wide rocky track on the left (GR341947). Turn left down this trail and start the final descent. Be careful as this descent the rockiest of the ride, with lots of big loose boulders. At the junction at bottom turn left on the lane. A short distance later, at the junction with a lane on the right, follow the path on the left back to the Grizedale Visitor Centre car park to complete the ride.