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Over 90 Mountain Bike Route Guides, covering North Wales and the North West of England. With comprehensive route descriptions, maps, GPS logs, galleries and the occasional video. You'll always be on the right track with good riding ahead.


About Flattyres-MTB

Hi, I'm Colin, a mountain biker with extensive knowledge and experience of riding the hills and mountains of North Wales and the North West of England. I am also a fully qualified SMBLA guide and MTB skills instructor.

This website contains over 90 free route guides that I have produced in my spare time since 2002.

Why I'm Flattyres-MTB...
Early in my mountain biking career I had a ride where I punctured so much I even used up everyone else tubes. Not long after I was searching for a unique email address and the name 'flattyres' was born. It was a quick choice that turned out to have deeper meaning. Those flat tyres set me on a quest to find out why it happened and how to stop it. This lead on to finding out how to fix my bike when it broke. My yearning for knowledge then saw me head out into the hills to discover more trails. On the way I fell off a lot, so I worked on my skills. But never one to keep things to myself I wanted to pass this knowledge on and so began Flattyres-MTB.

Flattyres-MTB Clothing

Vinyl Bear, a local North Wales company, have produced some fantastic Flattyres-MTB clothing. There is a hoodie and male / female wicking T-shirts to choose from, which look good both on and off the bike. You can buy them HERE.

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