2015 Gallery

Back to the Future year

Pont Scethin Social Ride - 20 Sep 15

Being a Social Ride it doesn't mean we can't try anything testing. So off to the mountains behind Barmouth we went. While they were proper mountains the route would only be 13 miles. This meant they could still be tackled in a social way. Shame the weather put so many off as me and Brian dodged all but one 5 min shower for a wonderful day of riding. And that descent to Pont Scethin, Wow!

A Route Guide for this ride is available here: Pont Scethin

Moel Famau Social Ride - 20 Oct 15

The Autumn colours were wonderful on this ride, despite the lack of a blue sky. No wind and the temperature was just right, no wonder it's one of my favourite times of year. And what a time to ride on the Clwydian Range as the trails were dry and fast, definitely at their best. Riding some of my favourite local trails with great company topped it all off!

A Route Guide for this ride is available here:
Cilcain and the Vale of Clywd

Garburn Pass Social Ride - 15 Nov 15

The forcast was biblical. I was surprised not to see anyone actually building an arc. The plan was to ride from Grizedale Forest but I only got as far as Ambleside before the flooding stopped me. A few quick phone calls and we reorganised to start from Ambleside and try for the Garburn pass. Thankfully the 50mph winds didn't materialise, so we enjoyed getting soaked to the skin and splashing our way around the Lakes. There's only a few pictures as it didn't take long until everything became too wet to risk my camera

Glyn Ceiriog Social Ride - 06 Dec 15

Yes it was wet but if you only go out in the dry you wouldn't really ride in the winter. The Ceiriog Valley is a good place to ride in these sorts of conditions as the ground is quite rocky. As well as the water we had to contend with quite a few punctures due to the hawthorn hedges recently getting a cut. Thankfully two of the puntures were very slow (including mine) so they only needed the odd top of with a pump. But that's not to say it was a miseable ride, far from it! We all finished the ride covered in mud, with big smiles from all the fun rocky descents.

A Route Guide for this ride is available here:
Ceiriog valley and the Vale of Llangollen

Bakewell Social Ride - 28 Dec 15

After the excess of Christmas a ride was in order to burn off those extra calories. As I was in the White Peak I decided it would be a good idea to ride a new route I'd had planned out for some time. Starting from Bakewell we headed out past Chatsworth on gritstone trails, that were riding well despite all the rain. On the return leg we hit the less well draining woodland trails that were a good test of our handling skills and also got our legs burning. So more guilt free mince pies and Christmas cheer on our return. The final descent to Bakewell through Mannors Wood was a highlight that will keep me smiling well into 2016!