North Wales Coast to Coast - Day 3

North Wales Mountain Bike Route Guide


Ceiriog Valley, North Wales

(Requires advanced skills and fitness)

48.2 miles

OS Explorer 255
OS Landranger 116 & 117

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North Wales C2C – Day3

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North Wales Coast to Coast - D3 Route

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Day 3: A mountain bike route of 42.6 miles with 7298ft of climbing from Llangynog to Llandegla, via the Wayfarer and Llangollen. The day starts with a series of big rocky descents in the Berwyns, which includes the Wayfarer to Llanarmon DC. After Llangollen quite country lanes take you beneath Worlds End on the way to the fun singletrack of the Llandegla Red Route.

1. From the New Inn turn right and follow the main road over the bridge to a junction (GR059264). Bear left and climb the main road up the right hand side of Cwm Rhiwath to the head of the valley. Don't start this climb too fast, it’s a constant gradient of 3.5 miles. At the head of the valley go past a track on the left then take the double track on the right, just after (GR019302).

2. Climb the double track to the top then descend a short distance to a junction by an information board and take the left hand track. Follow the rocky double track to a gate at the trees. After the gate the track changes character, becoming steeper and covered with more loose rocks. Go straight across the junction halfway down. The rocks continue until the track goes through a sharp left hand bend where the descent finishes at a ford by Blean-y-cwm farm (GR022326). After the stream follow the track right through the farm. Go through the gate that leads onto a lane. Follow this lane straight on for about 2 miles all the way to Llandrillo. Turn right at both junctions in the village then go across the stone bridge over the river (GR035372).

3. After the bridge take the next lane on the right, by a school that looks like an old chapel. Go straight on at the next junction up the increasingly steep lane. Go straight on when the lane comes to a rocky track that leads to a gate (GR041372). Go left through the gate and climb the track to a farm, where the riding becomes slightly easier. Go past the farm and continue climbing straight ahead for approx. 2/3rds mile until the double track comes to a gated crossroad junction, with a wide track descending off to the left and a grassy double climbing away on the right (GR051375). Go straight on along the double track. The track soon bears right and continues climbing up the right hand side of a valley. When the track descends through a dip to a junction, bear left to stay on the rocky double track. The track continues climbing for a while until it descends to a stone bridge over a stream (GR072369).

4. After the bridge go through the gate to start the final, but long, part of the climb to the summit of the Wayfarer. Ignore any of the tracks off to the left and keep following the loose, rocky double track through a number of gates all the way to the top (GR091366). Once at the top look for a metal box underneath the plaque on the left. Inside is a book for you to make a record of your achievement. It is a good idea to fuel up at this point as the two mile descent that follows includes a bit of peddling.

5. Continue straight over the top to a gate at the cattle grid that marks the start of the long, rocky descent off the opposite side of the summit. The track then flattens off for a long section of fast and rocky double track, the pedally bit. This section usually has water running down it and if it has been raining it can be very wet. Stay on the obvious, rocky trail. It eventually steepens for a very loose descent to a bridge at the 1.5 mile point (GR114358). Bear right over the bridge for a short climb to a gate. After the gate is the last ½ mile of the descent, a fast section of rocky double track. At the next gate, in the trees, bear left past a track on the right and descend to a lane at the bottom (GR130355). Continue straight on along the lane for about 3 miles to crossroad junction in Llanarmon Dyffryn-Ceiriog (GR157328). There are some nice pubs here and the West Arms Hotel, on the left, has a nice beer garden.

6. Turn left and go across the bridge. At the junction just after turn right to continue along the valley (you could go straight on but it’s very steep). At the next junction, immediately before the lane crosses a stream, turn left (GR158329). A short distance later take the next lane on the left and climb steeply between the hedges. Go past a farm and through a number of gates to climb straight up to a T-junction, with a house on the left, at the top (GR157335). Turn right and continue climbing on a much gentler gradient along a wide rocky track. Stay on the main track and ignore any trails off to either side. Continue straight on where the main trail kicks up and becomes more broken to follow a line of trees on the right. Go through a couple of gates to the top of the climb (GR156350).

7. After the gate ride across flanks of Bryn Du on the muddy, rocky and deeply rutted double track. This descends to a water splash on a right hand bend then climbs, bearing left, to a gate near the crest of the next hill (GR162375). Go through a gate and over the top then descend the fast, rocky track on the other side. There are a couple of gates on this descent, but only the middle one is usually closed. The start of the descent is very rocky double track then near the bottom, after a few bends, it crosses some off camber slate bedrock, sketchy but great fun. After the gate in Tyn-y-celyn, at the bottom of the descent, go straight on then bear right and climb the lane to a junction (GR171371).

8. Turn right and climb the steep tarmac, past the farm on the left, to the next junction. Take the second lane on the left to climb past the right hand side of the house. After the climb descend through a number of bends then climb to a four-way junction (GR189382). Continue straight on and go past the farm in the bottom of a dip. Climb to the next junction, with a lane coming in sharply in from the left, and go straight on. At the next junction turn left (GR203393). Follow the lane across the top of the hill for a while. After the second dip climb right out of the trees then bear left, past two lanes on the right, to a crossroad junction with dirt tracks on either side, just after the crest of the hill (GR197411).

9. Turn right and descend the fast, loose double track. After an S-bend follow the line of trees on the left to a junction. Bear left to continue along the double track. This track steepens then goes through another S-bend before entering the trees for a fast as you dare muddy, rooty and rutted plummet that finishes on the edge of Llangollen. When the track gives way to tarmac go straight on to a junction (GR214414). Turn left and descend through the bends to the next junction and turn right. At the next junction immediately after turn left and descend to a junction at the main road. Turn right onto the main road then follow it left to the junction with traffic lights immediately after. Turn right and ride through the centre of Llangollen and go over the bridge to a junction at the other end (GR215422).

10. Turn right on the A539 then a short distance later turn left up the steep road. Bear left and climb to the bridge over the canal. Go over the bridge and turn left to follow the road as it bears right, around the school on the right, to a crossroad junction (GR213427). Bear ahead and right to continue ahead along the lane. After a left hand bend climb to the next junction and turn right. Climb the lane through a number of bends to a junction just under Worlds End (GR217446). Turn left and descend into a valley. Go straight on at the next junction and descend to a junction at a small bridge by a farm (GR216462).

11. Turn right and continue along the valley, keeping World’s End on the right. Follow the lane up the valley and ignore all the tracks on either side. At the head of the valley go left through a ford and climb steeply though the woods. After the woods continue along the lane to the top of Llandegla moor. Just after the lane starts descending for the first time turn left to follow Offa’s Dyke. The start of the trail is marked by a post on the other side of a low grassy hump at a passing point (GR235495).

12. Climb the planks and rocky singletrack through the heather to a junction at the forest (GR225502). Go through the gates and follow the wide track straight on into the forest. At the next junction turn left to joint the Llandegla MTB trails. Follow the Red Route all the way to the Log Cabin at the trail head, which does great food (check opening times).

13. Leave the MTB centre by the exit of the car park then turn left and descend the lane to the junction with the A525 (GR227521). Turn right and climb the road for a short distance to the entrance of Llandegla Fishery on the left, which has a number of accommodation options (camping, glamping, B&B and a holiday cottage) plus a cafe.

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